Ural Marathon Ride

Ural Japan recently conducted a Ural Marathon Ride, leaving from our Ural dealer, RHD Classic Supplies in
Townsville, and finished at our Ural dealer, Paul Denham's Motorbike Co in Bendigo. A group of Russians riding Ural outfits.
We had an overnight visit from them here at Ural of Oz, Kentucky.  Pictured right, in front of The Huts.

They even found time to muster some sheep before heading south, taking in some wineries in the Hunter Valley, Sydney, Canberra, the Snowy Ride at Thredbo and the Great Ocean Road before their finish. 

The full story and more photos can be seen on our Ural Australia website, www.imz-ural.com.au

Ural Kentucky Derby

Sidecars are a rare site on our roads nowadays, but on the October long weekend they were a common sight around Kentucky.

This  colourful collection of current model Urals came together for some organised events and to share the camaraderie and fun of riding their sidecars together.  Sidecars require different driving skills and are a unique and fun mode of transport once common before the small cars we now have became available.

More than twenty outfits joined a navigation ride starting from the Kentucky Cafe on Saturday morning and traversed the back roads to Weabonga and back.  The inclement weather did not deter the entrants as they exploited the stability of their machines on the sometimes steep and slippery byways.

A special off road driving test was also held to find the best sidecar driver amongst them and local rider Michael Taylor took out that prize with a precise execution of the tasks.  These included forward and reversing slaloms and a slalom "flying" the sidecar.

Russell Byron and his wife Merryl from the Sunshine Coast took out the hard fought navigation rally, and Pat Carlson demonstrated his outfit riding stunt to entertain the other participants.  Pat sits on his front mudguard and drives the sidecar in reverse, a stunt impossible on any other motorcycle for many reasons.

The events were a great success and plans have already been discussed for future gatherings to rally and tour the Ural sidecars together.

Previous Ural Adventure Rides

Ural Australia has led a number of adventure rides for Ural owners through some of the more exciting roads near Kentucky. There have been up to 18 outfits joining in and many riders who had not experienced riding like it. The ride itineraries are great for those wanting to see some interesting countryside and do some challenging riding at the same time. Some photos can be seen on the "2011 Ural October Ride" page and "2011 Ural Adventure Ride" page.

October 2015 Ural Adventure Ride!

October 8th and 9th 2015 saw our annual Adventure Ride held at the home of Ural Australia.  We had 17 outfits in attendance and some pleaseant fine weather for exploring onfarm creek crossings, fun and games as well as venturing a little further afield.

See the Events page of the Ural Australia website for the full story and photos.

2014 Ural Adventure Ride

Our 2014 Ural Adventure Ride was held 24th-26th October.  Once again we varied the format by holding this event in a new area. The Nymboida Canoe Centre out of Grafton provided the facilities we needed to host our annual gathering of Ural owner enthusiasts. From there, we were able to access some of the best scenic sidecar riding in the Dorrigo plateau environs.

For more details on the ride as well as a few photos
, see the Events page of our Ural website.

Outback Adventure with Some Russians

A team of Russian nationals have been and gone for a 2 week odyssey.  They were be accompanied by several Aussie Ural owners.  A number of the group were here for a tour in 2010 and they show an intense interest in our country and culture.  They have close connection to the factory and had great fun testing the Ural in our outback.  Click HERE for the full story!


September 2012 Ural Adventure Ride


The September Ural Adventure Ride came and went. We had 23 Urals following as we rode along some fantastic roads finding some scenic and interesting roads that are just what the Urals are designed for! The ride was from here in Kentucky to the coast near Port Macquarie and return, over a couple of days. Have a look at our blog for some great photos and the story.


February 2012 Ural Adventure Ride


Ural Australia led another ride in Tasmania for a week. This time a lot of the group members stayed on and continued their touring without Ural Australia. They had a great visit and traveled on some fantastic roads all over Tasmania. A lot of the tourers are returning for each ride and getting to know each other and their Urals very well. Some photos can be seen on the Ural Australia site (imz-ural.com.au).


"Taking a Ural Trip to the Mountains" follow Jon's adventure on the Urals in the Barrington Tops. 

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