Sidecar Driver Training

The advantages of sidecars are numerous. Stability is greater with a sidecar and treacherous loose, oily or wet pavement can be safely ridden where a solo could lose traction and fall. Within reason an outfit can sustain a slide without falling. When parked an outfit stays upright without need of a sidestand.
This stability can enable riders with physical disability to safely enjoy motorcycle riding. Carrying children or pets is also less risky with a sidecar. Luggage is more easily carried and passenger comfort is enhanced. The list goes on.

Sidecar driving is different to solo riding and you do have to learn a new method. It is not difficult, but it is different and you have to allow time to learn the new skill. If you don't respect the difference it can be dangerous initially!

Learning to drive a sidecar will take a while and you should be mindful that you may subconciously revert back to solo riding technique especially during the first 10 hours. If you do revert back momentarily it usually leads to unforseen loss of control and crossing to the wrong side of the road.

Our training program is a two hour session riding the ubiquitous Ural sidecar outfit on our farm.
Firstly, the farm environment considerably reduces the risk to you, the trainee, as there are no other vehicles, obstacles  distracting signs or other activity around you. There is just the plastic markers to drive around and a smooth mown paddock to drive on.

The Ural sidecar motorcycle is a time proven outfit that is well balanced, sturdy, and easy to ride. 

We concentrate our training by familiarising the trainee with the different handling of a sidecar compared to a solo and overcoming the  most alien aspects of sidecar behavior. Most trainees rediscover a childhood delight of riding around a paddock track with set "obstacles" and improving their performance on every lap. The obstacles are in fact created to highlight the main situations which will unsettle a new sidecar driver, thereby honing their reactions at a safe speed and in a safe place. We constantly discuss what we are doing and why.
Most trainees manage to safely fly their sidecar before they finish and this in itself is a measure of their newfound confidence with the outfit.

If you wish to make a booking just drop us an email ( ) or text our phone 0428 887 231 (reception is limited for calls). We are located 20 minutes from Uralla and Walcha.


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