Located in the glorious New England region of northern NSW our fleet of new Ural motorcycles with sidecars can become the focus of your next adventure. In the countryside near Uralla, only half an hour drive from the Armidale airport, the Ural Australia distribution centre hosts the experience of sidecar travel for you. 

For those wishing to drive a Ural sidecar outfit and become familiar with it, we have a special training program complete with farm animals and Australian wildlife all within the park like surrounds of our farm.  Our training programs are normally done one on one, with small groups also catered for.

We have updated our fleet to the new fuel injected Ural models with disc brakes all round, hydraulic steering dampers and a host of other new features. These bikes are easier to steer with the new damper and consequently new sidecar drivers are finding these outfits easier to learn sidecar driving technique.

We can supply sidecars for promotion, film production etc.

New England has some of the best Australian scenery. Within easy reach, there is a unique variety of extraordinary bushlands to explore.   Your next adventure will be something you'll talk about for years to come.

Teach Me Sidecars

Cycle Torque magazine have featured a great article on "Teach Me Sidecars" with the Urals and Jon. You can see the youtube clip - How to ride a Sidecar - with Ural Sidecar Training

Good Used Ural Outfits For Sale

Check out our "Sale Outfits" page for a great deal on a second hand outfit!

October 2015 Ural Adventure Ride!

October 8th and 9th 2015 saw our annual Adventure Ride held at the home of Ural Australia.  We had 17 outfits in attendance and some pleaseant fine weather for exploring onfarm creek crossings, fun and games as well as venturing a little further afield.

See the Events page of the Ural Australia website for the full story and photos.

2014 Ural Adventure Ride

Our 2014 Ural Adventure Ride was held 24th-26th October.  Once again we varied the format by holding this event in a new area. The Nymboida Canoe Centre out of Grafton provided the facilities we needed to host our annual gathering of Ural owner enthusiasts. From there, we were able to access some of the best scenic sidecar riding in the Dorrigo plateau environs.

For more details on the ride as well as a few photos
, see the Events page of our Ural website.


Outback Adventure with Some Russians

A team of Russian nationals have been and gone for a 2 week odyssey.  They were be accompanied by several Aussie Ural owners.  A number of the group were here for a tour in 2010 and they show an intense interest in our country and culture.  They have close connection to the factory and had great fun testing the Ural in our outback.  Click HERE for the full story!


September 2012 Ural Adventure Ride


The September Ural Adventure Ride came and went. We had 23 Urals following as we rode along some fantastic roads finding some scenic and interesting roads that are just what the Urals are designed for! The ride was from here in Kentucky to the coast near Port Macquarie and return, over a couple of days. Have a look at our blog for some great photos and the story.


February 2012 Ural Adventure Ride


Ural Australia led another ride in Tasmania for a week. This time a lot of the group members stayed on and continued their touring without Ural Australia. They had a great visit and traveled on some fantastic roads all over Tasmania. A lot of the tourers are returning for each ride and getting to know each other and their Urals very well. Some photos can be seen on the Ural Australia site (imz-ural.com.au).


Previous Ural Adventure Rides



Ural Australia has led a number of adventure rides for Ural owners through some of the more exciting roads near Kentucky. There have been up to 18 outfits joining in and many riders who had not experienced riding like it. The ride itineraries are great for those wanting to see some interesting countryside and do some challenging riding at the same time. Some photos can be seen on the "2011 Ural October Ride" page and "2011 Ural Adventure Ride" page.


"Taking a Ural Trip to the Mountains" follow Jon's adventure on the Urals to the Barrington Tops.  One of the many possibilities for your tour with Ural of Oz.


We have a special offer on Sidecar Driver Training on the "Training Packages" page.


Visiting bikers experience sidecar training on our Urals, see "Sidecar Training" Page for details...




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